Legion: Healing Classes

“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Legion: Healing Classes

One of the killers for me in WoW is that some people know more about the game than I do. They are smart people, for sure, but seem to be able to grasp the much bigger picture by looking at a lot of information and drawing conclusions. The sub-set are the not-so-smart guys who come to the wrong conclusion yet feel that they must have their moment on the soapbox too.

In Legion, the healing numbers are much more balanced. Resto-Druids do not need to be benched in favor of a different class. Still, by class design some healers will be specialists in a sense.

Paladin Healers will excel at tank healing, this is Easy Street for them.
Shaman will be desirable for their cool downs.
Disc Priests bring some decent DPS, perhaps just enough to tip the scales on leading edge content.

One comment from the forums:
It appears that pallys and shamans may be the top doggies for Legions, at least that’s the feeling in my guild, and so the rest of us will be fighting for the remaining x spots where hopefully x is at least 2.

It has been noted that in the Legion Class Beta forums that Resto-Druids (as of June 26, 2016) have more pages on feedback than any other class. You can visit page 29 here, currently the last page.

Resto-Druids will be strong tank healers but it isn’t Easy Street. We have some powerful cooldowns but they are not frequent. Our through-put should be very good as we “heal over time” with our Mastery being the juggling act. We have some bad ass utility in our Affinity Talents. Our weakness could be the slow ramp-up time to get cooking.

Variables for Resto Druid will be our (eventual) four piece bonus sets which will likely force a Talent build and the size of the raid. Resto-Druid in a 20 main raid is crazy clicking to stack HoTs for mastery under a mana starved environment: I hope they fold some help into the design during Alpha/Beta.

I wish there was a published page that summed up the strengths and weaknesses of each healing class; so I could look at it and stamp it into my mind. The weakness should never be an excuse as we are much more balanced. I guess, I want to know what the expectations are for each kind of healer so that when I am teamed up with players I know what our team excels at doing.

Example: two pally healers and a resto-druid.
Answer: assign each pally to a tank and let resto do the raid healing.

Y’see, I don’t play pally healer but I can see that Beacon is straight up designed to be a tanking thing.

On The Other Hand:
Resto-Druids will be excellent in 5-man dungeons. Our stacking mastery is so strong that there is (currently) talk of putting a three HoT cap on our mastery; which would suck. Even with a cap, seeing a Resto Druid show up in your dungeon or on your Mythic + Dungeon group should make you feel exhilarated.


2 thoughts on “Legion: Healing Classes”

  1. I am expecting that within a very few weeks there might be some info available to roughly compare healers in Legion, as you suggest. The new AskMrRobot simulator — currently in public beta — will eventually analyze both loaded characters and templated ones for their output in every boss of every raid in Legion. Right now they only have DPS specs available, and of course Blizz has not released final raid theory craft for bosses yet, but I have played with the beta and it is quite impressive. (Of course, there is always the chance for misuse, too, for raid leaders who are jerks to run a couple of AMR sims and conclude, for example, that Resto Druids are too underperforming to allow on the team…)

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  2. That’s a really good idea and I hope AMR gets the healing version up within the next four weeks. I looked at it last week on my hunter but only lasted about three minutes — gotta read the directions first!


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