Legion: Blizzard Feedback Forums

“We cherish our friends not for their ability to amuse us, but for ours to amuse them.”
Evelyn Waugh

Legion: Blizzard Feedback Forums
(or: Wrath the Advocate)

Gaming forums in general can be toxic. Now and then one reads of a Moderator who is getting death threats in their home mail box. It is not a fun place to visit and I believe that it is wrong to even have a suggestion or hint that a person writing onto a forum should think that the game will change because of his Bright Idea. Nature of the beast, web 2.0 and all that stuff; shameful really.

Still, I love the forums.

It is a very different experience to visit the Legion forums for Alpha and Beta and it is pretty cool. I’ve spent plenty of time reading the posts with the intention of a better understanding of my class in general and specifically once Legion arrives.

The forum posters are dedicated, knowledgeable, many know math and theorycrafting. However, you get zero sense of the forums being read by the class designers. For one, it takes too long! It can take a hour to even read a few pages (the resto-druid forum is up to 30 pages). Their time is better spent on Logs and using other comparative tools. In those 30 pages, there is one “blue post”, one; and it was months ago.

Partially, the flaw is that the forums are general and have no direction. “We want feedback” is simply too broad, giving them what they need is unlikely.

This link will lead you to the forums with Legion Testing on the top. By far the most interesting, in my opinion, is the dedicated Legion Class Feedback.

If you are visiting now (which I recommend) and have not been along for the ride on all the different build changes, start on the last page and work backwards. This way you will see the most current and, uh, meaningful comments. Stop when you feel you have seen enough.

You might get lucky. I loved a brief discussion on whether it is best to cast Innervate on yourself (as a resto-druid) or on a holy priest who has a lot more instant high-mana spells. Something to consider, no?

Everyone thinks that their class is nerfed! And it is! It is a new expansion with more and better pieces to come down the line. No one writes, “this spell combination looks really neat-o”. But, still, a lot of players are working very hard to give feedback to the game that they love.

Wrathsome the Activist
I even started my own thread on the PTR forum! It is called Guilds, Simply Guilds. Do I think that it will be read? No, I do not. Will it get a blue post? Never! I guess I got to vent some steam, which is part of the forum process too; not always the best of things. Still, maybe (just maybe, perhaps I can dream, possibly against all odds, one in a trillion, plant the seed) it will make a small difference in two years.

Pour a stiff drink or top off that coffee cup and take a tour of the Legion Feedback Forums!


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