Hottie McSnotty

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
Oscar Wilde

Hottie McSnotty

I was in raid last night. Our group is “so done” that we’ve been doing achievement runs in HM and BRF. It is super casual with a lot of chatter and laughter. Our group is about a halfway mix of men and women, typically a few more women but it is a mixture.

Part of our task over the past couple of weeks has been informing our Raid Leader of which classes and roles that we want to play in Legion raiding. He has an google doc spread sheet that we can all look at; some people are changing roles, some are not.

One of our feisty women announced, “I want to play a Demon Hunter but only if I can look like a slut!” Cheerfully said, honest and shocking enough to make us laugh and chuckle. It made me wonder though…

The Wardrobe/Appearance feature is a very Big Deal in Legion — how much of it will be dedicated to building Hottie Sets? Is that what it is really about? There is the completionist lure, for sure, that will make us want to “fill up the bar” and make sure we have a ton of looks.

Uninformed Editorial: I think that the Burning Crusade expansion offered what is now dismissed as “clown suits”, very colorful outfits and very skimpy outfits for female characters. I think that there was a feminist flavored back-lash (and rightly so) that made the designers stop making skimpy armor and create solid looking and believable appearances for a hero in Azeroth. And yet, when transmog became possible, a lot of players went back and got hottie sets for their female characters. People like to stand out and be noticed in the game (and have some silliness too).

Hotter than Ragnaros was posted six years ago. The name was so damned clever that I can’t forget it, so it is my “go to” site if I am thinking about a hottie set. Video makers like Jessie Heals have created many videos on “sexy rogue sets” or “sexy monk sets”. A lot of time and effort has gone into these videos. It is everywhere!

Almost all of my characters are male, certainly my mains and profession alts. Wanting to make and build a Hottie Set doesn’t have much appeal to me personally or as a player. However, I do find that I want to keep the whole idea fun. Especially the language, calling it “Slutmog” just feels icky. A “sexy set” or “hottie set” has a much more positive spin on it.

I hope that with the new Wardrobe/Appearance feature that we see a lot of blog sites that support Transmogging. A pre-designed set (tier 3) is fine but I am much more interested in finding sets that are put together from items from all over the place and are themed. A farmer set or fisherman set would be fun. Dapper Dan about Town could be neat. And hottie sets too; there is room for all of this stuff.

Since I have no fashion sense and tend to wear whatever piece I just earned, I look forward to sites that can suggest fun and interesting things to transmogrify into cool looks.

Definition of transmogrify: to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect.

Admit it, you love it.


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