Legion: The Beta Fish Test

“It’s said in Hollywood that you should always forgive your enemies – because you never know when you’ll have to work with them.”
Lana Turner

Legion: The Beta Fish Test

I was doing some cleaning of my bags. My main had a Lure Master Tackle Box bag for fish, which I’d rather have as a hexweave bag but it was full of fish. In WoD I had six different baits, hooks and worms, and then three different versions of each fish; tiny, regular and enormous. I hadn’t actively kept things tidy and clean, when I got some fish; I’d toss them in the bag and move on.

Eventually, when my shipyards settled down, I put the fishing net on my submarines. With six shipyards, I chose an Alt with no professions to store all of that fish in the reagent tab. Now all of my level 100 characters are maxed cooking and first aid, even the ones who have never fished! I replaced those nets, I was drowning in fish!

Wondering if I could replace that Tackle Box bag for a hexweave bag, I went onto the Beta and headed for the open, yet broken, shores.

Both of my mains have the Angler’s Fishing Raft. It sits in the bottom left of my backpack since that bag is small and can stay open to re-set the ten minute timer. I clicked on my raft and … bam … it was a toy. Fun, I suppose, but I couldn’t put the icon back in my backpack. Precious action bar space or a favorite toy are my two choices.

The Angler’s Raft is faster than a ground mount. Tapping the space bar will make you zoooooom across the water. It’s great, everyone should have one. Safely fishing in the water instead of being attacked by a pathing mob on the shore is golden.

I fished for about thirty minutes, some of that was traveling about for fun. It was raining hard in one area and looked great.

I fished up three different fish in my experiment; Silver Mackerel, Cursed Queenfish and Black Barracuda. No little, medium, large fish at all! Yay. The Silver Mackerel looks to be the generic fish caught outside of a pool, the Queenfish is regional to Azsuna and the Barracuda must be dedicated to the ocean or outer shores.

I did catch a Message in a Beer Bottle. It gave up a two-minute lure for rare fish, of which I caught none.

Fishing Level seems to have no bearing on my success. The one lure that I had was a specialty item (of which I am sure that there are many), meant to be used right away for a short time span.

As far as I can tell, we won’t need fishing hats and lures to boost our fishing level and get better success.

I am guessing that fishing will take up about seven bag slots, a different type of fish for each zone.

There will be no need for a dedicated fishing bag in Legion.

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