Focus “on” Legion

It is well that the earth is round that we do not see too far ahead.
Meryl Streep

Focus “on” Legion

There is so much that is going to happen! Alternative Chat pointed me to Magni: Fault Lines. This is an amazing comic book that has animation and sound and story! I really like how you click to get the next image because I went slow to look at the artwork.

One thing leads to another. You’d want to read the animated comic book first; the pre-expansion event will have a quest chain. MMO Champs has a video of what we’ll be doing. I watched maybe two minutes and then bailed because I want to do it myself! These quests are either daily or every couple of days, so (in my opinion) they’ve really loaded the pre-expansion patch! Totally fun.

Did you know that our ranged distance is measured to the center of the hit box? Celestalon, a very busy guy, is back in the forums on the Theorycrafting thread. Most of that stuff is over my head but I love that there are answers. Celestalon has been very open on the math and particulars.

Sometimes though, you laugh a little:
My question is a two-parter:
1) Are the probabilities of a each roll individually the same as other rolls before or after it, before truncating at the max obtainable iLvl? This would mean that we can represent the iLvl distribution of an item as Geom*(p,k).
2) If we can represent the ilvl distribution of item n as Geom*(p_n,k_n) and item m as Geom*(p_m,k_m), do we have that for any two items that p_m = p_n? In other words, is the success probability for this system global among all items, or is it individual for the source of each item?

-edited for clarity
This is one of the few cases where we will not be sharing details. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The coolest thing is what people are calling a “hidden gem”. In the beta, you can do a console command that changes your camera to a different style of game play. Instead of the WoW classic player dead center, it is moved over a little and you are kind of looking over the shoulder; it is amazing. The video below shows it off really well. I agree too, it would be Fantastic(!) for questing and running around! Gimme, gimme now.


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