Salvage Crates: Unlocked

“When I retire I’m going to spend my evenings by the fireplace going through those boxes. There are things in there that ought to be burned.”
Richard M. Nixon

Salvage Crates: unlocked

We will have a lot to do when the pre-expansion patch drops. Among the lists are the stockpiled Salvage Crates which will hold gear. Old gear, green gear, odd stuff, weapons. The intention is to stock up our appearances in the wardrobe.

This will be a huge project to take all of this gear, sort it by class (plate, mail, leather, cloth), mail the gear to the appropriate alts, then to “equip” so it is noted in the wardrobe and, finally, vendoring it.

Let’s be modest.

If you have two columns of crates (20 a stack) in a hexweave bag then you will be facing 320 pieces of gear. Even with all hexweave bags and empty, this is double your capacity. Some gear will be rings and necks and so can be vendored immediately.

  1. Clear your bags. Store things to be kept in your bank.
  2. Strip all of your gear and put it in the bank.
  3. Begin opening crates.
  4. There is a vendor guy right in front of you in the Salvage Hut.
  5. Consider DEing? If it yields old school mats, it might be worth it.
  6. If you are a mail class (for example) then start equipping the gear and vendoring it. This is why you are naked! You don’t have to keep track of your gear while you are processing so many pieces.
  7. At 320 pieces, you should have (on average) 80 pieces for each armor class. You can fit 12 pieces in the mail box, so almost 6 mailings per toon.
  8. Once your bags are full, visit the mail box and start sending to your other classes; cloth to your mage etc.
  9. Repeat Steps 1, 2, 6 on each class.
  10. Go back to your Salvage Crate guy and keep at it.

Two columns of crates is a very modest estimate. There are players with thousands of crates. We know that once the pre-expansion patch arrives, future crates will only hold mats.

Ideally, we’d have an addon to speed things up. Or a script or macro even but I know of none so far; I’ll be sure to look. I might download Auto Seller for the brief time I’m doing this project.

While we are at it (with empty bags). The Void Storage has two 80 slot bags or 160 total. We will need to empty the bags to vendor all this old gear. Some, like polearms, might vendor for 40 gold but some old gear might only vendor for 3 gold. If we think that the average is 20 gold, then we will make 3200 gold. We need a “empty void storage and sell it” add on!

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