My Garrison Gold Bonanza

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My Garrison Gold Bonanza

I can’t believe it. I made 44,000 gold today. By unloading my piled up stuff in my garrison. Gnomecore got me started, read his post.

The purpose is: there won’t be any gold sacks available in pre-patch, so your garrison resources will turn into pumpkin in a pair of weeks. You also want to sell all the follower upgrades and try to squeeze the last drops of cash out of your garrison and shipyard missions before pre-patch. Actually you want to get rid of all Garrison-related stuff – find a day for this.

Let me take you step by step.

I took all of my characters and visited Ashley Zerep in my garrison and converted all of my Primal Spirits to Savage Blood. The Trader in my garrison (the Trading Hut building that you create) will sell one Savage Blood for a Bloody Bag worth 50 gold.

I mailed all my Savage Blood to one character with a LOT of bag space. With 400 Savage Blood I made 20,000 gold.

This Trader also will trade Garrison Resources for a Smuggled Sack of Gold. 50 Resources will give you a Sack worth 15 gold. That is some tedious stuff but I found this macro: I put it in the top macro pane so it across all of my characters.

/run BuyMerchantItem(27,1)
/use Smuggled Sack of Gold

At an assumption of an average of 8000 Garrison Resources on each of my toons….

8000 divided by 50 equals 160 Smuggled Sack of Gold
160 times 15 equals 2400 gold
2400 gold times 10 characters equals 24000 gold.

An astounding 44,000 gold in about an hour, dumping my Draenor stuff. Up until the pre-patch drops, I see no reason not to continue my Garrison Resource conversion!

Thanks Gnomecore!

2 thoughts on “My Garrison Gold Bonanza

  1. There’s an extra tip from my guild:

    If you want Got My Mind On My Money achievement, just buy Savage Blood at a price near 50g. Then when you exchange it, you refund gold and do the achievement. +40k in the counter in an hour – and final 200k is done!

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