The High Cost of Transmog

“Big girls need big diamonds.”
Elizabeth Taylor

The High Cost of Transmog

When the news came out of last year’s Blizzcon, I was (somehow) under the impression that we’d be able to change our sets or looks “on the fly” with a named set on our action bar.

Dreams of Tmog Battles in Dalaran, it made me dizzy!

It is not the case, t’was a fantasy of mine, I suppose.

The cost of making a set is 330 gold, way too expensive to do on the fly.

However, it occurs to me that I have THREE specs! Specs cost nothing to change back and forth and you can set a set to a spec, so to speak!

So, my Survival Spec as a Hunter, which I have no intention of playing can be my Man About Town look — perhaps a tuxedo or something as elegant. And, think of all those unused action bar slots that can be filled with toys and fancy mounts and battle pets! I fair to swoon.

I’m pretty sure that for my Marksman; who I think I’m committing to, will want an all black, lethal as an arrow look. I don’t know. I’ll have to rely on the experts like
Transmog Queue and Kamalia et alia who know how to put together cool looking sets. They have good taste, style and panache!

I’ve found one youtube resource, Jessie Healz. It’s like going shopping on Rodeo Drive.

I’m trusting these guys to keep up-to-date as we learn the play-style of Transmogging in Legion.

This will be a big project (egads, my Druid has four specs). I will have to research the bloggers, find a set I like for each of my multiple specs. Probably in the first few weeks of the pre-patch.

Let’s get going!

One thought on “The High Cost of Transmog

  1. Pre-patch day can’t come soon enough!!! I want my Transmog Wardrobe!
    Also,thanks for the pointing, if you have any doubt on a set, please let me know!


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