Dev Q&A: Jeremy Feasel

I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can’t stop eating peanuts.
Orson Welles

Dev Q&A: Jeremy Feasel

This Thursday’s session was about World Quests and some on the pre-expansion event. Straight up, I like Jeremy Feasel.

He reminds me of a director talking to a technical director, when the director has come up with an idea. Then the TD says, “Awesome, I can do it, how about we take it even farther”?

In essence, everything will be great and fun and fantastic. We’ll be kept busy and engaged. Jeremy said that they put their heart and soul into this next expansion and I believe him.

I can forget my “class fantasy” of being a Druid Healer. Throw the dream away. To do World Quests and all of the many associated content material well, it is designed for DPS. I’ll have to try to use my Affinity Talent, bummed that the entire boomkin class has been reduced to four buttons. I dunno. We’ll see what happens.

The best thing, really, is that the World Quests are realm/region wide. So, my buddy on some other realm would have the same tasks and we can party up.

The moderator said something like, “Oh cool, I could check my World Quest list and do them. Then go run a couple of Mythic Dungeons. And then check back on the World Quest list to see what has changed or is new for me to do.” That description is about six hours of play-time, continuous.

As they worked through the questions, I felt I could see a Tidal Wave of non-stop, endlessly new content. Stuff I don’t want to miss (a world boss that is only seen four times in one year). It’s good until I burn out and give up. I worry about that, getting swamped from a Tidal Wave.

Bring it. It is greatly time to see something new.

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