The Darkmoon Times

“Every crowd has a silver lining.”
PT Barnum

The Darkmoon Times

One of the surprises that I’ve found while going a-hunting for news about the World of Warcraft is The Darkmoon Times.

This is a full-boat themed website with the must unusal (read: fun) posts. Perhaps an image from WoW, photoshopped into a new thing with a motivational line. Or a poll. Or a bit on transmog. There is even a comic called “Oh Daaaaaaad” featuring a wonderfully horribly bad pun.

I’m compelled to visit this site every day. There are so many different flavors and (again) surprises. And, think about this, we are in the lull before an expansion. They are still cooking along, putting up stuff; some of which must take a lot of time to create.

There is even a class! “Hello class. Today we will learn all about Blingtron.”

If things are slow in Draenor, Outland or Azeroth, take a spin over to The Darkmoon Times, I think you’ll agree; it is unusual (read: fun).

Happy Hunting

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