Garrisons: See You At Home

“First he wrought, and afterward he taught.”
Geoffrey Chaucer

Garrisons: See You At Home

I had to chuckle when Bodhi Rana posted his Busy Work through the Lull. For me, eight runs through Ulduar 25, three through Firelands, two through MSV, two through the Throne of the Four Winds this week. Because that is what it has come to; it has been a very long expansion, this Warlords of Draenor.

Yesterday, I finally got Mr. Grubbs by following this guide written in 2010! The guide is by Perks N Peeves. As with any grind, this time I chose Love Actually to watch as a movie. Eventually I ended up running through the graveyards in northern Eastern Plaguelands. And, I got two! This little pet will do a flip up over your head every now and then.

Gnomecore has some final tips in this long titled post to do the final days of 6.4 and leading into the pre-patch. Check it out.

I took a peek at Kamalie et alia’s post on some transmog looks; Rulers of the Warchief’s Navy. It made me think about what I’ll want to look like whilst running about (new) Dalaran on Tuesday. I think I’ll go for the “I did WotLK” look with this macro on my action bar:

#showtooltip Quel’dorei Steed
/summonpet Argent Squire
/use Bubble Wand
/use Pretty Draenor Pearl
/use Everlasting Alliance Firework
/use Quel’dorei Steed

Since I have the Pony Up achievement, the Squire will be mounted on his little pony. Not a bad look to show off now that we’ll finally see other players … in Dalaran!

The question that I don’t have an answer for come Tuesday (or Wednesday) is if the profession trainers in (new) Dalaran will let me up my professions to 800. I’d love to finish off some mats in my bags and use them for profession points.

We should get the Dalaran Hearthstone (20 minute cool down) on Pre-Patch Day. This will mean that for the first time in three or four expansions (years!) there will not be an optimal place to set our hearthstone! Imagine that. I might fly out to Gadgetzan to set it there for the Invasions.

Today I finally released Delvar Ironfist from service and his long-time bodyguard duties. After a long run of talking smack, drinking, fighting and offering a hearth; he simply said, “See you at home.”


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