An Optimist in Draenor

“So they called me a cockeyed optimist
Immature and incurably green.”

South Pacific

A Cockeyed Optimist in Draenor

Here we sit; waiting on a massive Reset leading into the pre-expansion patch.

I’ve been informed that we won’t go to Dalaran right away. I guess I was wrong. That is fine, I don’t mind being wrong at all. I suppose I was overly optimistic that I’d have a new place to be.

Instead, my home is a nerfed Garrison, gutted and looking like the day after the State Fair. Littered, sticky, used, spent; the garrison will be a pathetic place to see. My nerfed character with a nerfed UI looking at a nerfed raid, sitting in the filth of my garrison; it is a depressing day in Draenor.

Dang it, if we can’t go to Dalaran; then we are doing chores. As tedious as garrison missions, this clicking of boxes. It isn’t like we are returning heroes to Azeroth, no; not at all.

I think I’ll go to lunch, maybe catch a movie. There is no hurry to log into WoW on this Reset Day.

3 thoughts on “An Optimist in Draenor

  1. A couple of fun movies I’d recommend…

    Central Intelligence, Secret Life of Pets, and (if you’re not a purist that believes all reboots are bad) Ghostbusters.

    If you see GB, don’t go into it thinking it’s going to be the original. It’s a new story with new people (even though there are cameos by almost all of the original cast).

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  2. Yes! Thanks for the ideas. I have seen Ghostbusters and Central Intelligence; both funny movies — perfect summer popcorn fare. I’d like to see the Secret Life of Pets — I think that is my best bet.
    And it is hot in my region! A matinee with ultra air conditioning is an added bonus!


    • When I saw Pets, I went in thinking kids movie. It’s not. It’s much like Despicable Me. Lots of bits for the grown ups to appreciate. My wife doesn’t normally guffaw at movies, she did for Pets.

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