Pre-Patch: Day Two

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? “

William Butler Yeats

Pre-Patch: Day Two

I’ve been excited to work on the Tomes of Illusions on my Enchanter. Its a big project and I wish I had tons of mats so I could give them out freely.

I found the Trade Goods vendor in Moonglade selling Druid stuff. My Moonkin can now “flap” and I can charm woodland creatures. I found a Druid toy there and a glyph that can only be used by Druid Inscriptionists; of which I am not (a trail of leaves when you use Dash).

I found that my Garrison Quartermaster sells the recipe for Tome of a Clear Mind. This version won’t work above 100, but if you are practicing Talents “out in the field”, this is pretty handy. I made about 40 of them!

I got the new Soft Foam Sword from the toy vendor (40 gold) in Stormwind. I think this will be the answer to the reputation quests in Blade’s Edge. If you ever had to strip down and try not to one-shot a low level mob; well, this is the toy for you.

The new fixed area in Stormwind looks terrific and is well recieved. I looked all over for a Doomsayer, the guys announcing the coming of the Invasions but I couldn’t find one in Stormwind.

I tmogged up a couple of my lowbie Alts but have no idea what to do with my Mains. I’m stumped!

I could not solo the final boss in Ulduar 25! After eight easy runs on different Alts last week, this week failed. I can only guess that it was boosted since it drops a weapon illusion enchant? I know that early on yesterday, I could not kill the tentacle as, when targeted, was out of range — they need to hotfix that.

Speaking of Ulduar 25, the new nameplates over the mobs will take some getting used to. The thin red line can get lost (for me) when there is a lot of activity. Inside the bosses brain, I couldn’t see which mobs to kill — that is not fun.

I am interested in downing some of the Old World bosses for the weapon illusion enchants. Picking up some additional tmog gear will be “added to your wardrobe”.


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