Slow Moe; Hunter Joe

“Look at how they wobble
Well, he’s the best in town
I think I’m in trouble
She forget that I’m around”

Killer Joe

Slow Moe: Hunter Joe

Like everyone else, the first day of the pre-expansion patch was a tidal wave of old gear, new shirts, assigning toys and; in a sense, shutting down the Garrison.

Dealing with my rows and columns of soon-to-be transmog gear was a bit of a drag but it was a one time thing; I don’t mind the grind. Of course I got the title. Of course I skated some shirts to my guildies. It was super nice to see our guild so lively with questions and exclamations.

In the evening, I camped in a corner. I was waiting for one of my favorite players who stock-piles mats and has an Army of Alts, just like me. I pounced, I ninja’d, I corralled my friend into doing the Tomes of Illusions.

Enchanters can learn the Tomes right now. They are for the weapon enchant illusions. We partied up and began shifting and sifting through our Alts to glean materials to make some Tomes. Some were easy, some had some exotic materials that we did not have.

It was fun.

Towards the end of the process, we had to farm. I was on the Motes of Fire (dear Elune, flash-backs to Burning Crusade and doing the same grind). My friend was on the Motes of Mana.

I always farm on my Hunter. I have Aspect of the Cheetah and Fetch. As ranged, no one can touch me.


My hunter was in slow motion. It was a misery. A Druid showed up to grind the same mats and pwned me. Instant flight form, Moonfire, Dash, Displacer Beast — I was out-classed in every sense of the word “out-classed”.

Never Again.

My Druid is my new grinder and farmer. Anything in the past that needs some hunting down, I’m going with my Druid. My hunter can suck it; he’s demoted. I hate leaving him camped in some dark and dank Garrison; he’s been my guy for years.

We only have one more Tome to work on; the Therazane one which I’ve read require a quest but I ran out of gas. My amigo could have gone on and on, I think; but I hit my wall.

So, Day One was fun and productive as I left some of the “chores” for another day. I’ll be cleaning more bags, shining up my Talents and assigning spells to all my Alts soon.

By the way, is anyone else feeling the crunch of having useful items becoming toys that you use a lot — and now are taking up precious Action Bar slots?


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