Pre-Patch: Day Three

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Maya Angelou

Pre-Patch: Day Three, Name Plates

My biggest struggle with the new UI is name plates over the mobs. I need to tinker with it some more. So far, small and always on seems to be okay but, man, it looks tacky. If I don’t have it always on, I can run right by little mobs and not see them.

Out in the field, name plates are not an issue at all. I was in the LFR and couldn’t see the Assassins, I was guess clicking. I could do “targetoftarget” tank focusing but I think I’ll just have to have plates always seen.

We had a five man group last night and ran Black Wing Descent, Kara, ToES, LFR Blackhand, MSV and one other. Looking for the weapon enchant illusions and hanging with amigos, it was fun. MSV is a lot harder and slower, either from our nerf or they made it harder; still, one tank and occasional heals from me.

I see that they hotfixed Ulduar 25 and the tentacle problem! Thank you, Blizzard.

Mr. Gnomecore has a hilarious Suicide Strat for the Doomsayers and the feat of strength.

Master Looter will only be for guild groups now. I think that is pretty smart.

Day Three is better and better. The maps work again (praise Elune), the lag is much improved, etc. Things are settling down.

And … I made my first tmog! How fun was that!

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