Resto-Druid: Pre-Expansion

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Resto-Druid: Pre-Expansion Patch Testing

Today is: July 21, 2016. This is the third day of the pre-expansion patch.

I did some light testing today in the LFR.

My Talent Tree is: 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3. I love how the guide on Icy Veins is exactly that: a guide. There are choices and synergy between talents.

I chose two LFR’s, the second wing in HFC for the reap damage and the heartseeker damage which would add some fun to the healing and I wanted the tome of weapon illusion off Killrogg (which I got!). The other LFR was the first wing of High Maul to test my Balance Affinity for DPS.

Even with no Spirit, I couldn’t dump my mana bar. I tried to blow through mana and spam healing spells. Sure, LFR is friendly but I tried! No, I didn’t spam Regrowth but I gave it a good shove. So that felt good.

My top healing spells were Efflorescence and Spring Flowers, followed by Rejuvenation. Spring Flowers is the passive Talent that boosts the healing of Efflorescence (the mushroom) and second place on heals. This means that our mushroom is powerful and that players had better learn to stack!

I was by far the highest healer in the LFR which means nothing, really.

I am Talented for Cenarion Ward and used it on the tank off cooldown. It wasn’t high on my healing charts but maybe the tank was always topped off. It’s hard to know.

On Kargath, the first boss in High Maul. I shifted to Balance Affinity and did my best DPS. I clocked in at 20k DPS, a bit disappointing. I was in 10th place for DPS but, again, that is meaningless. If I were to go again, I’d go as Balance with the Resto Affinity but I’d not be “one of the healers”.

Verdict: Resto-Druid could be very satisfying to heal in raids. The Affinity Shift to Moonkin is satisfying but didn’t feel super strong in a raid; which is the right tuning, eh?

Our mushroom could give us high numbers and having that “buffer” on the raid stack will allow us to cast spells on raiders with directed skill.

4 thoughts on “Resto-Druid: Pre-Expansion

  1. If you want to kill your mana, go with Germination. You feel the mana hit with the double rejuves.

    I’ll have to give Spring Blossoms a try. I went with Germination, just so I could heal similarly to how I did 5 days ago. I also want to give Inner Peace a fair crack too. Tranq every 2 minutes could be a game shifter for some some fights (especially when we get Tranq-while-moving on our artifact). I love regrowth, so the 3 free with OOC procs with Moment of Clarity was too much for me to give up.

    I have a feeling my affinity is going to depend on what fight I’m on. If I need to (or could, due to lack of healing required) DPS, I will go Balance. Otherwise, I’ll go guardian for the 10% damage reduction across the board.

    2 spells I’m deeply missing are:
    Nature’s Swiftness for insta-healing touches for oh shit moments.
    Genesis for mini-tranqs as a quick burst catch up

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    • Right on. I plan on swapping Talents around (to learn and experience them) and hope to anticipate certain fights.
      Early on, Incarnation should boost Tranq — for a big “oh shit” moment, but as we progress we’ll get finesse!


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