Odd Bits: Pre-Expansion Patch

I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.
Jonathan Winters

Odd Bits: Pre-Expansion Patch

The Clothes Chest recipe that drops in the Molten Core and Kara’s Opera House (and eventually bought in (new) Dalaran) are Legion recipes with Legion Mats. They look to be an RP type offering to your raid. Like the Fancy Darkmoon feast from the Darkmoon Faire that gives everyone a Gilnean look (circa Charles Dickens, eh?).

If you are farming the weapon illusions, send your tailor!

Once upon a time, our guild ran LFRs every Tuesday for Deathwing. We’d all eat the Savory Deviate Delight and show up as ninjas and pirates. If the Kara Cloth Chest offers RP gear that looks like we are going to the Opera; hell yes! We’ll learn more now as time goes on. Still, you can get two of the recipes now as you hunt down the weapon illusions.

Gnomecore has been posting a lot of fun things happening in this pre-patch. Today it is Fishing Out Turtle Mounts. Players are joining huge raids at a level three fishing hut. The Lunarfall Carp is on personal loot and players are cashing in on Nat’s Coins and the goodies like mounts and tons of fish. I love this activity in the pre-patch!

Almost everyone I know has gotten their Class Toys and Glyphs.

If you are not doing the “suicide” trick to reset the Doomsayers. Your mini-map offers a stop watch so you can time every fifteen minutes for the aura re-set. It can be handy if you are clearing banks and bags in Stormwind.

Catching up on the New Old toys.
Don Carlos’ Famous Hat is a guaranteed drop off heroic Escape from Durnhold. He’s down the road to the left. Harris Pilton offers two expensive rings, “on use” puts a buff on your buff bar. The X-52 Rocket Helmet is an easy five quest chain in Area 52 starting with Poppa Wheeler.

Really, simply Odd Bits in the Pre-Patch. There isn’t a whole lot to do but to find (and enjoy) the little things while we wait for the Invasions!

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