Talent is Cheap

“A little brains-a little talent
With the emphasis on the latter!”

Damn Yankees

Talent is Cheap

I love smart people, that is why I like reading bloggers. I see that many are settling into their rotations and getting comfortable with their spells and talents and new flavors.

My Resto-Druid healer, I have a feeling that my talent tree will be a constant re-setting depending on the fight. My hunter, well, I have a feeling that I can get a build and “set it and forget it” and respond within my set-up to the different fights.

I was so excited to see Spring Blossoms really have an impact that I thought I might skip Germination (and the heavier mana drain). Then I did the LFR Blackhand; no one could stand still enough for my mushroom to have an impact!

I’m starting to think of raid bosses as either “traditional” with tank swaps on one big boss and the melee stacked on his butt and “run for your life” encounters! Maybe I need a better title for that second one.

I will approach it with the tanking being the deciding factor. If it is a fight like the Blast Furnace, Thogar, Hellfire Assault, Blackhand, Archimonde (maybe) then I’ll use Germination. If it is more traditional, so to speak, like the Tyrant; then I’ll use Spring Blossoms.

And that is just one tier of talents! I might have to make decisions on Moment of Clarity for a rough-on-the-tank fight over Flourish.

It is appropriate that I have a Tree form as I think the Talent Tree will be chasing me all through Legion. Pre-reading the Adventure Guide, I’ll have to be able to name the encounters as Traditional or Run For Your Life or Something New (all based on the tanking duties) and plan ahead so I am the best healer you’ve ever played with in the wonderful World of Warcraft.

What good is being a talented baseball player on the basketball court? I need the right talents for the right fights.


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