Working as Intended

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
John Ruskin

Working as Intended

It had become a punchline when we fail for some of my raiding guildies, “working as intended!”. We were so burned as a small raiding flex team before the hotfix to account for small raiding teams; a quiet blue post. Yes, I’m still bitter and I know it’s not fair to me, my raiders or Blizzard.

I was with a guildie last night, fishing in the Spires. We were in a party and one of us would … phase shift? Basically, one of us would disappear! I’d drop group and again see my friend next to me. Until another disappearance. Then I’d party up. Most odd and clearly not working as intended.

Once upon a time, I worked in the entertainment business. I did a lot of shows, a lot. Over time, I’d see a lot of scenery, scenes, special effects, etc. get cut from a show or simply not work during a show. We’d be disappointed but the real deal is: the audience would not know the difference. If it didn’t happen, they assumed that the show was working as intended. They didn’t know that balloons were supposed to drop and make them cheer!

In the pre-expansion era of Legion, we accept odd little realm shifts or sudden horrible lag as some “real time” testing happens at our expense. What I worry about is (for one example) running Ulduar 25 with no Watchers five times a week and then seeing a blue post, “Mimron’s Head will now drop on Ulduar 25 as intended”.

I feel sorry for the majority of players who do not follow the blue posts; they’ve got to be hurting.

My efforts are with the assumption that things will work. My spells, my healing, my damage, my groups, my raid encounters, my loot, my professions; I move forward thinking that they work … as intended.

Legion is ambitious. The systems and designs and classes and so much more are a lot to handle. We have to expect some failure along the way. If Blizzard would apologize for all of our failed efforts from their bad design, we’d dump on them hard and maybe even /ragequit. It is probably better to have that single statement, “it is now working as intended” and move on.

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