Resto-Druid Healing: Guides

Amazing the things you find when you bother to search for them.

Resto-Druid Healing: Guides

It’s going to be fun, this expansion. We have more choices and options in our spell book and talent tree than ever before. Good choices. Strong choices. We will “get good” at our spec and be valued in any group.

We will have to learn the boss fights and pay attention so that we can solve the problems with temerity, alacrity and style. We will notice, for example, if incoming damage is on a two minute timer and choose Inner Peace as a talent. Or, if we are “on the run”, we will choose Germination.

We have to learn our spells and talents and how those talents have a healing synergy. To do this, we will follow guides. We will follow bloggers. We will read the Adventure Journal and (Elune forbid) even watch boss fight videos. And here is the deal: we will return to those guides again and again. We will return to Ask Mr Robot again and again. We will track the changes in patches. We will use logs to see how we stack up against other healers and how we can improve.

I know that it sounds like a lot when you read this. Really though, it’s merely a game. We’ll do it out of curiosity, interest, fandom and gamer pride. It will be fun, like reading the box score the next day of your favorite sports team.

I’m delighted to see Healing Wow is beginning to update their Resto Druid pages. As of this moment, the first two pages are updated (you can see the date in the upper right hand corner). This site is wonderful and I’ve relied on it fully during the last expansion.

What really works for me is that I can compare several guides and learn more by what they don’t agree on or how they present their material. I can go back because after playing in the game, I might wonder, “wait, what does this spell really mean?”

The number of excellent bloggers that I read every day is too long to list. None really specialize in Resto-Druid healing. Some will chronicle their experiences as they play and I find that valuable, very valuable. It makes my own experiences richer.

These are the Guides that I know of:

Some guides are more generous than others, for certain sure. The rationale behind the thinking is just as strong as a Sim number run. Understanding why something works is important. No one is saying that there is only one road to Chicago.

The best guides have dates on them so you know how current the information is that you are reading. The best guides have links or mouse-over tooltips so you can read what the stated information is as presented by Blizzard.

I can’t rank the guides. Each has it’s own flavor and merit. However … Restokin is awesome. There is a build for raiding and for dungeoning. Not only does it give direction to start but it also confirms your own intention.

We healers and players will have to learn the fights. If we pay attention, we will see that the fights are designed for our spells, talents and cooldowns; everything can line up to make it work.

It is going to be a fun expansion.

2 thoughts on “Resto-Druid Healing: Guides

  1. Good to see that we’re in agreement on the Resto blogs. There used to be a couple more, but they’ve left the wow universe and the blogs have gone into a state of disrepair and outdated information.

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