Addons: On Topic

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.”
Albert Einstein

Addons: On Topic

I enjoy smart players who blog about their experiences. Gnomecore has a terrific posting and his solutions to not needing Addons at all in No Need In Addons. He generously is responding to a blogger named Fussypants on their blog Growing Up In Azeroth with a posting called Why I Do Not Use (Many) Addons.

Both of these skilled players either use no addons or have a limited situational use addon for a specific function. Pretty amazing, to me, because I think that is not the typical experience for most players. Still, what is terrific is that it makes me go over my list and wonder if, why, how and why I am using what I do and if I can cull out some of the excess.

Posts like these can almost make me feel defensive (clearly not the intention of those posting) and I need to acknowledge that this game can be overwhelming in it’s size, scope and demands.

I didn’t use Altoholic until Warlords of Draenor. The crafting mats of herbs, ore, leather, fur, primal spirits, felblight, fish and meat, sorcerous (water, air, fire, earth) could be stacked across many characters; finding who had the most of what “at a glance” made crafting fun and reduced the amount of character flipping to stack up what I needed.

I think, in general, most of my addons are for the mini-games within the World of Warcraft. I (finally) got Rematch for pet battles because I kept using Wowhead to look up the same damn information over and over; 630 unique pets is too many and one can get buried in their love.

The same with the Auction House. It is a mini-game for sure. There are pros who only play that game, waiting to take advantage of those less skilled or who are simply naive. Like those selling Savage Blood for under 50g when that is the vendor price. I use an Addon for that so I can quickly undercut the market — and move on!

I used the Garrison Mission addons. At its peak, I was flipping through my missions on several characters and pushing more Alts to 100 to reap the astonishing gold benefits. Pre-loading the best combinations and moving on made these addons important to me so that it was not an unbearable burden. Garrison missions were a mini-game, as well!

I would argue that DPS and Healing can be a mini-game of number comparison. Personally, I don’t like Skada or Recount and never play with them open. However, if I am next to another of my class; I’ll look over (a lot sometimes) to see what is going on after a fight.

Now: you could say that with intelligent and efficient play that I could resolve the need for the mini-game addons. I could habitually mail all of my tradable mats to one central character. I could steep myself in pet battles and learn all of the fights and their counters (hello Celestial Tournament). I could follow and be knowledgeable of the price fluctuations on the Auction House and find my niche for sales.

I think that I do want to play these mini-games and enjoy them but I don’t want to master them. I want to play with friends or explore the world or (it is true) find even more pets, toys, mounts. I’m just not that smart. I am not smart enough to invest in these mini-games to a master’s level and eschew an addon. I am impressed by those who can!

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  1. In my point of view, Addons exist like a scientific calculator to an engineer. The calculator won’t build a bridge but it will remove all the useless, repetitive and very fallible parts of the process so the engineer can focus on what really matters: making a good bridge. =)

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