Thok Party

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”
Hunter S. Thompson

Thok Party

I’ve been following Sar Crux for a while. He writes on hunter stuff now and then along with the commentary on the game that we enjoy. Recently he posted: The Guide To Taming Thok.

I knew it could be done or would soon be done from reading sites but I didn’t know “how to”. This is a very nice guide, step-by-step, so I don’t get lost. It is how to solo as a hunter and get your new hunter pet, our old nemesis: Thok.

Soloing stuff as a hunter is one of the more challenging things that we enjoy in our class. Many take a great deal of pride in their accomplishments; and rightfully so!

However, after reading the guide; it looked like a party to me.

I got four other hunters from our guild to join me. We got on Vent. There would be the Chosen One who would get to tame Thok and we’d rinse and repeat! We flipped through some characters in the process for additions to our wardrobe. We learned the how and where of the LFR (and Scenario) mechanics of joining old content.

It was fun!

Everyone loved the experience. Few knew that we could do this. The chatter on Vent was gleeful and excited and (some) astonishment at how much our class has changed.

What would you do next?

Afterwards we all headed to Iron Forge to show off! Five hunters with their new Thok pets looking bad ass and fun and united.

“Okay, we are all going to Play Dead in five, four, three, two ….”

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