Camptown Dailies

America, how can I write a holy litany in your silly mood?
Allen Ginsberg

Camptown Dailies

The Daily and Dungeon resets are at 9am in my time zone.

This is a timely change on some level as there are not any Dailies for me to do. Before this change, I saw myself creeping back to run Garrison resource missions! My intended goal was to keep up my stock of hexweave bags.

I’m ready to leave Dreanor but have no new place to set my hearthstone. August 9th will bring the Invasions but I don’t think we’ll get (new) Dalaran with that patch.

And, as of this moment, I can’t get into the game. Something about Authentication Servers.

On most mornings since WotLK, I’ve logged in with my morning coffee and done dailies. Caught up with some small projects. Cleaned my banks and prepared for raiding that coming night. During this, I checked my e-mail and made phone calls and looked out the window or stepped out to watch the sunrise.

Habits are hard to change and weaving my World of Warcraft into a morning routine was a pleasurable habit. Pity, eh?

My new routine is a bit pathetic. I have a character camped at a rare spawn spot. I take my camera and move my toon until the spawn point is on the far right of my screen. And then I open my internet browser and move it to the left on top of WoW. Now I have WoW up and have something to do in the background, camping rares.

I don’t camp rares. If I have to wait, I don’t! I go do something else, almost anything else instead of sitting and … waiting. How do people do it and why? At least in a long LFG cue, one gets an idea of how long and you can fish at least.

I’ve never complained about lack of content in WoD. There is plenty to do. However camping rares is looking into the bottom of a deep empty barrel!

Tonight, I’ll snag some guildies and run Shadowmoon Burial Grounds on normal resetting it over and over (ten times within an hour) until we all have the weapon enchant illusion. Our mantra is “please don’t take us back to Dreanor.” We did the saberclaw grind. We did the illusions from the three LFR drops in Draenor. We have the moose. Professions are maxed up on all of our Alts.

There is always something to do in the World of Warcraft. Just not this morning.

The servers are down.


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