The Lack of Grace: Talent Locked

My general plan is good, though in the detail there may be faults.
Adam Weishaupt

The Lack of Grace: Talent Locked

If I understand the motive (and I don’t really) the reason that we can’t change Talents in a non-rested area is so that we don’t habitually change our Talents for trash pulls or the next boss fight.

This is to make the game more challenging and exciting. Okay. Let’s buy into that idea. We know that there will be some ways of changing Talents for a price and the min/max guys will have their stacks as a matter of pride if nothing else. I’d want stacks too because I do want to change Talents.

I would guess that ninety percent of my raiding experience is on “progression”. Our group learns a fight, often by wiping (a lot) until we get the strategy down and then move on. The next week, we roll through the fights that we know and then “progress” on a new boss then we will enjoy learning that new strategy. This is the game, right here.

The problem with the talent lock is not being able to solve the problem with our Talents which is part of our tool kit to play our class. My assumption is that all of these offered Talents go a long way in solving different solutions to the challenges offered by the designers in raid design.

What I’d like to see is a Grace Window after a wipe or when you enter a raid new. Give us a small zone at the entrance to re-set our Talents. If we are happy with our Talents, we can wait face down while the poor Healer runs back to rez us.

The Grace Window at the entrance can also give a massive speed buff to a Healer who has to run, run, run back to his amigos. The Healer Penalty is a nasty one!

Changing Talents by porting back to an Inn and flying back to the raid is brutal, not fun and uncool. Learning your Talent combinations this way is prohibitive to success, a penalty and a punishment.

This Talent Lock has me stumped. Playing a game with massive front-end research on the potential new bosses via third-party sites is not how I imagine “game play”. Preparation outside of the game isn’t fun, it is more of a pro-active defense: which doesn’t make sense at all!

For all the fight against the cookie cutter builds leading to the offering of a very nice Talent tree with flexible cool stuff; learning to be successful while locked into a single build goes against the mission statement of design.

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