Needing Understanding: Mythics

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Needing Understanding: Mythics

At this point we have not seen the Mythic Plus game yet. There has been a lot of design effort (though it will always be the same artwork) put into how this progressing style of dungeons will work.

Mythic Plus needs a Keystone and everyone will have a new one every week. Mostly they will all be different since they are based on your progress the prior week. Whether you simply stopped or rode to the edge and failed, you will get a new Keystone.

The timer is 30 minutes. This seems reasonable. But, if you beat the timer and get to go to the next harder one; is the expectation that the group stays together? Could you get stuck in a very long run with friends or strangers because of your group?

What if I had done a Mythic Plus run on Tuesday. Could I join another group on Wednesday? Can we stop our progress and agree to keep going another day? How tied up am I, as a player, in this system? Will players wipe on purpose if the timer can’t be beat (to not lose their keystone)?

What are the expectations? Socially, I imagine that we’ll decide how deep is our love for our friends. Like Challenge Modes in the past, once you have a team; you are stuck with your team for a long time.

I read enough that I know players are choosing their Mains for this expansion. Almost always it is with the intention of raiding but the Five Man Experience is pretty strong in Legion. How classes excel will be different in five-mains than in raiding; so if we are going to spend a lot of time in dungeons, that is a factor in our decision.

Can I join a group in the LFG that has a super-high Keystone? If so, might I be expected to stick for three or four hours or get dumped in ten minutes? Should I save my own Keystone for later in the week? Maybe once I join a group, everyone’s keystone is used; I don’t know.

I worry about this a lot.

Time, effort, sobriety, skill, patience, group dynamics, communication (vent, teamspeak, mumble, discord, curse voice), friends(!), success and failure all weigh heavily before I even say “yes”.

What about Alts?

The Guild Model is being trashed by Blizzard. There have been zero changes in Legion except for new standard Achievements and the discarding of the perk: mass rezz.

Guilds can’t support Five-Man Dungeon groups — that lonely player that looks to a guild for a Mythic Plus run will get no response and have to do what everyone else does: LFG with strangers. This is a bitter pill. Shame on you, Blizzard, shame.

Five-Man Dungeon groups are even more exclusive than Ten-Man Raiding, is the Flex Model for raiding the “easy mode” for the game now?

So many questions! It had better be fabulous, eh? If Mythic Plus sucks and is no fun, I can’t imagine the failure levels of Legion.

3 thoughts on “Needing Understanding: Mythics

  1. I’m leery of the keystone thing. Do all 5 members need the keystone in order to enter the mythic+? Or does only one person need to use a keystone to get the group in?

    Our M+ group is still planning on sticking together. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Blizz doesn’t bork it up.

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      • Typically Monday or Tuesday night. If, for whatever reason, a raid night is cancelled, we’re usually on anyways and will group up. Several of us are married, one has kids, so dungeon run night and 2 raid nights is about all we can commit to each week. We do group up if we all happen to be on at the same time on other nights too. We just just play the random nights by ear.

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