Invasions: What’s Your Strat?

“Anyone can do any amount of work provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at the moment.”
Robert Benchley

Invasions: What’s Your Strat?

There is a nice guide on Wowhead on the Pre-Patch Demon Event which include the Invasions that we’ll get on August 9th. Go ahead and click the link, the page will be finally loaded by the time you are done reading this.

I solo’d an Invasion on the Beta.
No kidding.
It was in Gadgetzan and I relied a lot on the NPCs running about. It took an hour to solo and I died six times. Happily, that won’t be your experience.

No, I didn’t hide inside the bank in Gadgetzan and let the Invasion just cook along while I watched television. I betcha you could though. Instead, get out and play; it’s more fun.

I did the math back then. It will take 8 Invasions to earn enough currency to buy the transmog gear set. If you are crazy-like-me, you will want all four armor types; plate, mail, leather and cloth. And then another 8 Invasions to earn enough to buy the pet. The assumption is that we’ll never see these gear sets or pets ever again.

NB: the vendors are at the Invasions out on the fringe and also in your main city, like Stormwind.


Along the way are some drops and gear rewards, it looks to be about ilevel 700 (untitanforged). AND there is a secret toy, the Pocket Fel Spreader, that we will discover somehow and somewhere — I sure hope it doesn’t need currency!

My instinct would be to do these runs on my Main. But, I think, my Strat will be to do these runs on a low ilevel Alt who is 100 but hurting for gear. Those drops will benefit that Alt but would be discarded by my Main.

The Invasions should be massive events. We will tire of the word Scale. Everything scales these days. The need for your bad-ass Main will not be great, so bring an Alt. Assign that Plate Wearer and do eight Invasions and then flip over to Mail; and have some fun.

I will start with my Main because I must, I must. I’ll run all six different Invasions for the Feat of Strength. I’ll run two more so I can buy the pet. Then, I’ll swap to my poor Alt and (as several Invasions run at once) pick my favorite Invasions (with vehicles like mecha-tanks!) and run, run, run them for the sweet tmog gear sets.

I imagine that you’ll do the same.

2 thoughts on “Invasions: What’s Your Strat?

  1. Obviously I’m doing the achievements with my main first. Then I switch to alts and try to get the mogging things for plates, mails and everything. Actually it all depends on how much effort I need to get the rewards.

    I don’t care much about raising my ilvl – all of my toons are around 675-690, so it will be way enough for starting Legion. Yet I will not refuse myself 700 or 725 things which my druid got on PTR 🙂

    Are there any tips about invasion encounters? On PTR, when I tried to participate in the last boss kill, my cat druid kept dying and dying. I did NOT stand in the bad, and I attacked from behind. Still, I was somehow dead. All the time.


    • I don’t know much in the way of tips. My assumption is that we will get in the zone and be added to a large group like when you walk into Ashren. Find a healer and stand near them. I don’t trust their phasing at this point(!) but it’s designed for all players and hopefully won’t be brutal. In fact, it should be fun.


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