Experience Invasions

“Though the dungeon, the scourge, and the executioner be absent, the guilty mind can apply the goad and scorch with blows.”

Experience Invasions

The more I read about Invasions, the more excited I get. Did you know that it was the tech created for garrisons that allowed our designers to make the Invasions? Cool stuff!

I have this article here from PC Games magazine. It’s an interview with our hero, Jeremy Feasel aka Muffinus.

As anticipated, the Invasions are going to be massive. Huge! Large in scale, concept, activity, art work; in every way it will be completely outrageous. I like knowing that the Invasions will escalate; on August 9th we’ll have a few and by the time Legion launches it will be a full out Invasion of Azeroth. Boy-howdy, are WE in trouble!

We often talk of intent. Demon Hunters are supposed to make you feel like it is breaking the game. “It’s not fair!” I can’t wait to hear the Q-Q. This is fun with sprinkles on top.

I’m going to give in to the Dark Whispers, it’s already in my blood. The demons will be filling my head, prodding me, chattering in my ear, making me think that I am crazy. I will be a demon in Stormwind! Can you kill me? I’ll find a place away from the NPC guards, for certain sure. (You do have some control, simply turn off the whisper buff and go to the Auction House).

The demon-half of me wants to do all the Invasions and play them full-time. The “what’s left over” side of me knows to be reasonable and not eat up all the experiences all at once.

What a fantastic introduction into Legion. Certainly the next expansion will be as exciting as the Invasions!

2 thoughts on “Experience Invasions

  1. I’m trying really hard to maintain a certain level of calm on the invasions and demon hunter hype. I’m concerned that over-hype will cause me to burnout before Aug 30th.

    It’s probably some underlying resentment of WoD creeping over into the Legion hype. Lots of bad happened as a result of WoD itself. Lots of good happened as a result of folks that I associate with. So I’m a bi-polar mess in my feelings on WoW in the current expansion.

    Still, I have a gnome hunter. So that’s an achievement on some level. Though, she’s unable to use the restroom in many states around the US. Neither her gender nor her race match the gender and race assigned at the time she was rolled-up. I’m having a hard time guaging how pathetically this joke fails (either on the merit of it mocking brain-dead/inbred legislators, or the fact that it’s 100% true). Perhaps you can give me a reading from your fail-o-meter.

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