Guessing at Professions

Professor Roy Hinkley: I want all of you to know that the attaché case is missing and until it is recovered you are all suspects!
Gilligan: Does that mean none of us can leave the island?

Guessing at Professions

My Dad once used a term called “an educated guess”. It would suggest that having only limited facts that one could claim a conclusion based on the facts given and then supported by past experiences. Inherent in that is the qualifier “guess”!

My Educated Guess for Legion is that Crafting Professions will be a mini-game as time demanding as being a Raider or a PvPer or any of the other major time sinks in the World of Warcraft. We know as Raiders, for example, that stepping into the PvP scene that we are seriously out-gunned by the full-time players. They have spent the time, practice, effort, macros, action bars to finely tune their skill set. I admire all of that from afar as I choose not to invest what game time I have to play in that arena.

Therefore, I have chosen to vastly limit my Professions; even though I don’t really know the full extent of the time involved in honoring the crafting professions offered in Legion.

My two “mains”, a hunter with mining and engineering. And a druid with herbing and engineering. It is my suspicion that engineering will be just as demanding in gathering as leatherworking or blacksmithing in that our stuff will be consumables to support our gadgets.

If the Crafting Professions are not as a weighty burden as I imagine, then I will branch out my other Alts into action. My fear, again, is the endless cycle of creating gear and burning it for the upgrades; with no end in sight.

My desire is to play the game as an activity more than crafting up for the opportunity to play.

Like Misdirections wrote in the beautiful piece Philosophical Thoughts on Endings and Beginnings; we are right on the teetering edge of jumping into Legion. No one, not even Blizzard, knows how the expansion will play out. My Educated Guess is that Professions will be a debilitating time sink that could pull me away from my favorite thing: group content.

And so, I act on that now; leaping out with hope that my educated guess is right.

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