Passing Through

“Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate, and in circulating it can increase in quantity and, hopefully, in value.”
Louis L’Amour

Passing Through

I can see the change in myself now that the daily reset is at 9am in my time zone. I don’t log in during the mornings now. I think that having Dailies keep the player base in the habit of logging into WoW and without that people might drift away from the game.

I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics last night. I was moved by the pride of each country and by their broad smiles. I loved everyone in the world during that long parade. Even the smallest step towards world peace is a very good step. I hope they all win gold medals for their countries.

I’ve added Transmog Token to partner with Can I Mog It. Running an old raid with tokens, a mouse-over will tell me where to turn it in and even the name of the vendor. Handy-dandy if running old stuff; all that will change come Tuesday.

Following the advice and the experiences of the wonderful bloggers on WoW, I feel pretty darn well set-up for Invasions. I’ve dabbled in weapon enchant illusions and found some future-use recipes that look to be fun. I have some of the new class glyphs and toys offered. I think my toy count is 276; I’d have to log in to check but it is morning.

Tomorrow I’ll check the Dark Moon Faire for the Scarlet Quartermaster. Having run and run and run for the tabard, that would be a fine reward.

It is a beautiful day outside, lets go for a nice walk. There are some days that I wished I had a dog.


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