One Fel Swoop

All my pretty ones?
Did you say all? O hell-kite! All?
What, all my pretty chickens and their dam
At one fell swoop?

Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1605)

One Fel Swoop

I’m having a blast with the new stuff. I’m glad it has arrived and that there are things to do.

My Hunter has:

  • Completed the Broken Shore Scenario.
  • Collected all the tmog pieces from the Invasions.
  • Has both Feats of Strength via completing all six Invasions.
  • Bought two Felbat Pups (which look awesome).
  • Bought the tmog cape from the vendor for Nethershards.

My Leather, Plate and Cloth players are on various stages of collecting the tmog stuff; some much closer to done than others.

I was watching the Olympics last night, the floor routine of the women’s gymnastics. I was struck that what I saw was exactly like our Invasions. Perfectly honed, wonderfully designed, scripted and then that poor girl fell right on her ass.

The Invasions are fun and wonderful until you get to the final phase. I understand that there is a learning curve, players will learn to kite him away from the fire and things like that. What is unacceptable is a 14 FPS rate where you can’t use your spells or even move. A beautiful design falling right on it’s ass; world-wide embarrassment.

I’ve yet to start my Demon Hunter, Feltaco. I’ll need to do this sometime in the next few days as I think his spectral sight will see the Infiltrators in Stormwind. This should lead to the toy, but we are not sure yet. Some say you need the blindfold drop from Illidan in the Black Temple — the smart people will figure this out for us.

My horde character picked up the four toys BEFORE running the Broken Shores Scenario. That vendor will be phased when we come back. Alliance side has a strange vendor with little reason to live or stand on the docks.

And that was Day One.

It is perfectly designed for a three week span. Every and any one who wants to do it can get it done, we are not buried under new stuff. It is all pretty easy with some challenging visits to old places like the Crossroads (well done, Blizzard!). BTW: getting flagged PvP is pretty rough, I hated it; so watch your targeting!

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