Long Live The King

“I will NOT be held accountable for the sins of my father. My destiny will be my own.”
Wrathion, the Black Prince,

Long Live the King

Our King is dead. In his chair sits his son. The son is not passionate nor has the leadership skills to inspire a city, state or planet. We are facing, soon, the Legion: a far superior force with limitless numbers.

It is a depressing beginning to an expansion. Over and over again on Vent last night, I heard the players glumly mention the sadness of the end. We have no energy, no blood-thickening need for revenge, no hope.

Usually the superior force wins. Alexander wept when he had no more lands to conquer. Attila the Hun took his horde all the way to Rome. Charlemagne, under the banner of Christianity, ordered the execution of as many as 1000 people a day if they’d not convert.

Better armed, better trained, better numbers usually carry the day; and that is Legion.

How can we win? We can win short-term battles by ambush, traps and the like. We could attack the supply lines by sealing portals. A war of attrition doesn’t sound very promising.

We have to use the strength of Legion against themselves. We have to trick and out-smart them. We have to be Holmes and Dr. Moriarty and Churchill and Napoleon. We have to set into place a plan, right now, that will lead to the take down of Legion.

Perhaps Jaina is a ruse to make it seem that she is out of the picture. Perhaps we have strengths that we have never exploited like the goddess Elune or Azeroth itself, a growing Titan. Perhaps we have the bastardization of the Well of Eternity in Nighthold. This is our home turf.

The Legion’s strength is its lust for power and destruction. Let that be the lure, let their greed for killing our leaders be the lure. Let the Well of Eternity be the trap. Why not have Illidian and Ysera and Anduin and Wrathion plot today, right now, to use the Emerald Dream, the key to other planets, the knowledge of the Legion to bring their defeat.

In WotLK, we were united and cheerful; building the Argent Tournament and; united, we knew that we could win against a powerful foe. In Cata, we faithfully followed the Aspects and believed in them. In MoP, our anger and passion was whipped up to the point that killing Garrosh was going to happen by will alone, if nothing else.

In Legion, the numbers are too big. Our foes can defeat us easily. This is not a war to be won, nothing will be gained. It is a war to survive.

I’d love for there to be a fantasy surprise ending, something crazy. Like the Legion’s lust for the Well of Eternity but as they begin to tap the powers, Tyrande beseeches Elune to bless the waters! Tainted now for the Legion, it has a domino effect that spreads and at the same time empowers us to great strength to defeat them.

We need to see the plan now. Let’s find out how to win.

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