A Very Hot Fix

Generally, magicians don’t know what to say, so they say stupid and redundant crap like, ‘Here I am holding a red ball.’

A Very Hot Fix

Dreadlord Infiltrator/Pocket Fel Spreader Toy
Update (3pm): after a brief despawn, Doomsayers should once again be able to be taken over by Dreadlords.

Please keep in mind there is a cooldown after this occurs. However, if you are searching for more than an hour or so and haven’t found one, please post in this thread and let us know.

Yeah. I camped in Stormwind while watching the Olympics last night. I hope this hot fix makes a difference. It reminds me of why Oklahomans are called Sooners.

I’ll try again with the expectation of “one hour or so” which works fine for me.

It is always a good idea to follow the hot fixes every day when any new thing shows up in WoW because they are probably not working as intended and you are misled into thinking something should work if you could just figure it out but really it is not there and you feel like a fool.

Now that I have the Bonnet and the Toys (thank you, Bubbles of Mischief) and the tmog sets for the four armor classes; I am dialing it back.

I have a couple of Alts that could use that 700 gear, but I’ll wait until Week Three when the Invasions are non-stop and run Tanaris over and over again.

I’m having fun, how about you?


2 thoughts on “A Very Hot Fix

  1. I’ve given up on the Fel Spreader. I’ve joined lots of groups but either the thing is already dead or I get hit by the lag boss and can’t tag him in time. Other than that, I have two more invasions to do before I get the FoS and was able to pick up the pet a couple of days ago.

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  2. Don’t give up! I just got the toy, the hot fix works so wash your hands of our past bitter experience — it can be done. I merely camped in the Dwarven District and layered my internet browser on top of WoW; it will work for you too!


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