Pre-Patch: To Do List

“People may say I can’t sing, but no one can ever say I didn’t sing.”
Florence Foster Jenkins

Pre-Patch: To Do List

It’s been a fun busy week. The Pre-Expansion Patch is not only the introduction to Legion but also serves as “catch-up” for our characters with nifty 700 gear.

I’m not as organized as some, but lets look at the list:

  • Both Feats of Strength – done.
  • It All Makes Sense Now – done.
  • Transmog sets for all four armor classes – done.
  • Four classes in fact tmogged to the sets – done!
  • Three toys and one cosmetic from the Horde side – done.
  • The cosmetic Bonnet from the Alliance side – done.
  • Silly Posts from Horde side – done.
  • The tmog cape to tie the tmogs together – done.
  • Fel-Bat Pup – done and done and done.
  • Pocket Fel Spreader – done.
  • The lore quests – not done, nor available.
  • Demon Hunter – halfway at level 99.

I’d guess that 80% of the above list was done in the first two days even with all the lag outs and disconnects. It will get easier and easier as they fix the issues and speed up the Invasions. Our Weekend Warriors will get it all done.

The Invasions are fun and a bit addicting. The “classic” locations are very well done (hello Crossroads) and I loved filling up the boats from Booty Bay to Ratchet or the massive number of fliers from Hyjal to the Invasion. It is neato.

I have some Profession Alts that will do Invasions on Week Three to gear up. By then the Invasions will be non-stop and continuous so I can park it in Tanaris; a small thing to do but it will keep me busy.


  • The Pocket Fel Spreader is going for 12k on the AH, it is tempting to buy a few for future sales.
  • I don’t know when it will happen but I very much want (new) Dalaran to really feel like I’ve started Legion.
  • They removed the whistle call from Dire Beast, praise Elune.
  • Demon Hunters are a hoot and a half, expect to see many of them “mained”.
  • Returning players are drifting in: welcome back!

I think I’ve “done the list” pretty well, if I’m missing something — let me know!

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