Ready for Raiding 17

”Maybe it is only I, but conditions are such these days, that if you use studiously correct grammar, people suspect you of homosexual tendencies.”
Dorothy Parker (1925)

Ready for Raiding 17

Like flipping a switch, I am now very relaxed going into Legion. Like Misdirections says, it could be a three year expansion and even if only two years there is a ton of time to do whatever we want and however we want to play.

Still, that does not mean sloppy or indifferent play. No sir, no way. There needs to be direction and intent. Also, there is cleaning your shop before logging out and sweeping the floor before you go home. Be an Amateur Professional!

You must set your own standard. As ever; food, pots and bandages. I think you should only gem and enchant pieces that you expect to have for a while, sometimes gearing can bring in new stuff pretty fast.

I will be honor bound to:

  • Have up-to-date buff foods via fishing and cooking.
  • Have a fair stack of Potions and Flasks as soon as reasonable and then forever on.
  • Have my “group content” spec ready to go and practiced.
  • Be repaired and prepared so that I am not impaired.
  • I think Bandages will be the expectation in dungeons.
  • Aware of the latest patch notes.
  • Within reason, have clear bags.

No one should have to wait for me if they ask me to play.

I think that we will want to pace our secondary professions along with our leveling up in the Broken Shores; a reasonable player would do such a thing.

It is a matter of gaming pride. Even if we decide not to raid or to take our time or laboriously finish each zone before moving on; at base, we should be ready to play.

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