Legion: Secondary Professions

Egbert Floud: [pouring champagne] What you want is… is… is… some more of this imprisoned laughter of the pleasant maids of France.
Ruggles of Red Gap

The Secondary Professions

Fishing, Cooking, First Aid, Archeology.

I do think that while leveling up to 110 that we should keep an eye on leveling up our Secondaries. I’ve been told that we’ll get quests in zones, so we might as well do them and not wait and go back.

Fishing, Cooking and First Aid will all serve to support our characters. At first, Archeology will have specific dig sites leading to a reward as we learned in Bubbles of Mischief’s Archeology in Legion.

While I tend to be a completionist and will want all of the recipes; it is important to keep an eye on the goal.

At first glance, it looks to be tedious. We’ll need to cook up stuff to use as mats to make more stuff. We’ll eventually ding Rank 3 and reduce the demands to create the goods. The volume of mats looks to me like the buff foods will be precious at first.

While in dungeons and questing, I’ll want a stack of Vendor Food to get my health and mana back up and not over-write the buff.

Back in the “olden days” it was common for a guild to have a Raid Cook. Everyone would feed extra mats to one player who invested their time in learning all of the recipes and consolidating all the many different mats to create and dole out the goods on Raid Night. The same was true for the Raid Alchemist. I don’t know yet if that will be a wise path for Legion.

My point is: while there will be a wide array of choices — direct yourself to getting the best buff food for you. Learn what your best secondary stat is for your class. Learn which fish you’ll need and which mats and then make stuff until you are well covered for the rest of the expansion.

I think First Aid will finally be important. Having our own bandages after downing a boss will only speed things up so that we can move on.
Silvery Salve looks to be an example of what we’d be making.

I’ll never forget my shock when I proudly dropped my Feast of the Waters for our raid team. And then someone dropped a Savage Feast, a much better raid buff food. That one wasn’t in my cooking recipes. What the hell! I’d played hard and planned well to have that Feast of the Waters. And then that bozo began dropping Savage Feasts in a design on the floor, he had so many. Ack!

Like an arrow released from a bow, we’ll point to getting the max buff food and bandages. But, as we’ve learned, you never know — something may come out of nowhere to surprise us; either by a different source or a later patch.

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