Beast Mastery: Invasions

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.”
Benjamin Franklin

Beast Mastery: Invasions

I took my Level 79 hunter into the Invasions for the XP (nerfed today) and to eventually open my crates when I ding 100 (I hope that’s not a mistake!).

The new spec changes, I take in stride. I’m willing to learn new rotations and taste the new flavors. I like it and can imagine it in a Raid quite easily. Additionally, when it was learned that Traps were going away, I assumed that we’d not face dungeons and raids which needed a lot of Crowd Control.

It is not better than our old BM spec. It is much less satisfying.

If you are going to play in an interesting way as a ranged damage dealer, then you are going to run the risk of being flanked by a pathing mob. If you are in the Invasions, they may simply fall on top of you.

Taking away our trap and not replacing it with something better is a sin against game design. Concussive Shot and Intimidation doesn’t cut it. Long cooldowns on Misdirection doesn’t cut it. Weak-ass tanking Tenacity pets doesn’t cut it either.

In the Invasions, the mobs scale to me. However, I’m decked out in full heirloom gear. I know how to play a hunter with a pet with a six year resume. And I’m frustrated and unhappy. My pet is too slow to pick up a pathing mob, he crawls. I’m dying way too much.

Will the quintessential soloing class of hunter with a tanking pet need to now make friends? Will we dare not to venture out to challenging content ever again?

I’ll shuffle some Talents, I suppose. I’ll try some other combinations, maybe folding in Feign Death as an every situation tactic. I’ll read what the other hunters are doing on blogs.

It’s not over yet. But, if I; ever optimistic, am unhappy with my class: I can’t imagine the more unruly personalities!

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