Still Playing the Pre-Patch

Lady Glossop: Are you a theatre lover, Mr. Wooster?
Bertie Wooster: Oh, rather!
Lady Glossop: One of my most treasured memories is of Irving playing Hamlet at the Lyceum.
Bertie Wooster: Really? Who won? [guffaws]

Still Playing The Pre-Patch

Bits and Pieces: Invasions.

  • My level 79 is now 85. They upped the XP off of invaders today. Tag-a-rama.
  • You can mail a Fel Bat Pup without needing to learn it and cage it.
  • The Elixir of the Rapid Mind seemed to do nothing.
  • Bandages found way out by the vehicles are a blessing from Elune. They only stack to five.
  • Healing or rescuing the Gryphons or the Goblin Bruisers seem to do little.
  • Today’s The Queue, Alex explains why, while the mobs scale to me that the damage from the bosses do not.
  • I’m saving my crates, I hope to open them at 100 for 700 gear even if it is far past the Invasion Event.

    Bits and Pieces: Pre-expansion.

  • I now have several Charred Pendants for later sale.
  • I bought a few Lucky Shirts thinking they may be a one-time chance.
  • The Ulduar/Kara/Dalaran quest line was cool but ending odd as if unfinished.
  • I had really hoped that (new) Dalaran would let me see the profession trainers to up the cap to 800.

    Druid Healing:
    I am following Restokin’s excellent Legion Survival Guide. In HFC raids I seem to be competitive with our Shammy healer using the raiding build.

    Tonight, I have a Demon Hunter tank who will run some dungeons with me. I’ll try Restokin’s build for dungeons. I imagine we’ll start on Normal, then Heroic and then Mythic; trying to up the challenge as high as we can get. I hope my tank is at least a little squishy!

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