Leveling in Invasions

“Ronald Reagan used to alarm his Soviet counterparts by saying that surely they’d both unite against an invasion from Mars.”
Christopher Hitchens

Leveling in Invasions

NB: I am currently leveling a character from 78 and am now about 95.

[snipped from MMO Champs]
We were able to investigate and identify that there were indeed a couple bugs with the way XP rewards were being handed out. We’re working on a hotfix that will correct the following issues:

Fixed a bug that could reduce the amount of XP a player received when more than 6 players were attacking it.
Fixed a bug that could reduce the amount of XP a player received from creatures that scale with the number of attackers.

Once these fixes are live, please let us know how things feel.
[close snippage]

I’ll be pleased that on the third week of a three week experience that the Invasions will be working as intended.

The idea is that you participate. Players can camp and get the rewards. But if you play you are better rewarded by far.

Currently, it is a travesty. The fun is dashing with groups of players to attack the Invaders. And, if you are using this to level up (as designed) you can get as little as 87 xp. I’ve seen it. Phase One is a joke.

Phase Three is evolving. Players, like myself, head to the far fringes to solo mobs. We don’t help each other, we respect each others kills. We don’t down the buildings, we prolong this phase as long as possible. Completely counter to the design.

But, it’s the only way it works. Tomorrow, Saturday, it should all be working as intended. Tagging a bunch of mobs should really and finally pay off.

That being said, the Invasions are fun. I enjoy them. However, I should be 100 now. I hope their fix works!

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