Legion Content

adjective: facetious
definition: treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.

Legion Content

NB: Most of the commentary today is a reflection on the Developer Q&A posted over at MMO Champs.

Once upon a time, I was designing for a dance concert in Los Angeles. I knew that we had brought in a professional photographer to document the work and so a few days later I went to visit him.

Me: Hiya. Did you get any good pictures of the concert?
Him: Oh, we don’t take good pictures.

I stepped back and realized that I had offended him. Yikes, how dare I even suggest that he might not be doing his job?

The designers at Blizzard are known to be sensitive and to react harshly. Witness the complaints about too many Dailies in Mists of Pandaria. “Oh? You don’t like Dailies? Then you get none. Zero. How do you like the game now? Happy?” Of course we were not happy, we wanted the good Dailies.

The designers have declared that “Don’t worry, we got you!” on the topic of not enough content to play and will specifically be dumping content on us for Legion. They’ve said so. It will be non-stop potential for game play.

We players have developed an Alt Culture over the years. This is because there was not enough “content” to keep one character active and moving. The culture shock, I think, will be profound; the reality has yet to be seen but one would guess that our Army of Alts will slowly lag behind until almost forgotten.

Watcher has said, “An Alt should not support a Main.” In my defense, this culture has evolved of Main support by Profession Alts only because it could be done within their game design.

“Bring the player, not the class” has been the mantra for three full expansions. It has given us relief and the belief that we could play any class and be welcome in any group content.

That design philosophy is being removed. Which class you play will be important because of the class and the decision of whether you get to play will be in the hands of another player.

Watcher was being cruelly facetious when choosing the hunter for his example because in Legion, no one will want a hunter.

The team would like to get back to a place where if you are a PuG leader, you are looking at your raid comp and saying, “We could really use a Hunter, let’s look for a good hunter”, rather than “Let’s look for any ranged DPS, especially the flavor of the month that is 2% better and thus is the only viable one”. Obviously this isn’t the case literally right now, but it is what the team is thinking about and would like to move towards over the course of patches and future content.

What IS a “good” hunter anyways? Or a “good” healer or tank that people ask for. Define a “good” standard and we can have a conversation; until then, stop using the word. Like my photographer, it easily offends.

Misdirections took on the section on Game Development in Timing and Content. It is, as ever, a very good read. Go take a look.


It will be a shock not only how much content there is to do in Legion but how long it takes to complete said content whether it is a profession or an artifact.

I can already guess that our “new complaint” will be that so much of our progress and play effort should be account-wide to support our Alts.

We became completionists because we had so much time in the game without any new stuff. We will now be leaving a lot of things “at revered”, so to speak, as we move into the new areas; fearful of falling behind the herd.

Embrace the new paradigm, it will be a radical shift to absorb into our Gaming DNA in the World of Warcraft. It should be more than busy, it should be fun.

2 thoughts on “Legion Content

  1. Interesting analysis. I, for being a very non-alt kind of guy (I have only 6 level 100 toons), am okay with the content-shift towards the main character. Of course, I agree with you, it is a crack in the current alt-paradigm, this will be suffered by everyone (including myself, since I’ve learned to play the game as alt friendly as it is). I just hope this is going smoothly and leading everyone to a better place. *fingers crossed*

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