Lissanna to the Rescue

“We’re our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.”
Tom Robbins

Lissanna to the Rescue

Heads and shoulders above the rest, Restokin has been a solid source and has had an impact on the game itself. She writes with authority and economy without ultimatums. Brilliant on every level.

A couple of days ago, there was a timely posting called Leveling advice for Resto druids 100 to 110. I spent hours reading the article and then following the links and then following more links.

Where once I felt that I’d simply go into Legion and muddle about, now I have a sense of the overall arc and a plan on how to achieve my goals in the fashion that I choose for my own game play.

Today, I can spend my time in Icy Veins (for example) and pre-set all four of my specs for later use. I can set up my spells and talents and also the Affinities. The suggestion to run all three of the next Artifacts at level l02 is a good one for all the reasons listed. For me; it is the XP and getting the Artifacts themselves early in the expansion (done and done).

I also feel encouraged to quest as kitty, boomy and bear. The “13 trait” limit is good to understand. And, face it, we will be doing questing throughout Legion; our time in Suramar and on World Quests could be extensive. Let’s make sure there is room for play along with our workmanlike tasks by swapping specs on occasion.

Finally, I now know that I can level as Resto using the three Affinities. It is viable and will allow me to explore some of the depth provided in the class design in Legion. Um, this may take a while …

Even if you are not primarily Resto, it is worth the read and the following of the links. We can prepare now when there is little to do so we can go straight into business when there is a lot to do!

One thought on “Lissanna to the Rescue

  1. I’ve always liked Lissanna. She’s one of the first WoW bloggers I started reading, way back when she first started her blog. I need to remember to go read her advice when I get ready to start leveling my Druid.

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