Keeping Up With the Gnomes

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Keeping Up With The Gnomes

Players are planning! How well planned, you ask? Gnomecore has his Feat of Strength Team geared and powerfully ready. Impressive with a dose of envy, well done!

It seems to me that the most powerful path is to dual-spec rather than keep several characters Group Ready. The leveling arc of the Artifact supports that second spec more soundly than spending game time to keep up two different characters. My history is Druid Healer and Hunter but (a big if) IF I could learn Moonkin; my Druid could be the all the “one and done” toon.

It is unsettling because at the cusp of our new beautiful horizons to explore, I can imagine a Tree/Guardian dual spec and to be a force to be reckoned with. Repetition is a heavy key to learning and we’ll be in those raids and dungeons for a long (long) time.

Don’t we all wish that Artifact Power progression was account-wide? Starting over and over at zero on a different Alt kind of sucks, especially when later patches arrive with tougher content (think Thunder Isles).

The Dungeon and Raid Schedule is out. It lines up with being 110 for Brewfest and the trinkets, as we imagined a year ago. How crazy would Brewfest be as a motive to drive our Alts up to 110?

The cool thing listed under the Dungeon and Raid schedule (I linked to the MMO Champs posting) is that the hot fixes have Developer Notes! This is the best thing ever and I applaud … no: I give a standing ovation and hope that they continue with explaining the curious rationale.

I hope bloggers begin posting on Legion Drop Day plans. My own include blowing through my Draenor profession mats for gold once I can train to 800.

Happy Hunting and may all your hits … be crits.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Gnomes

  1. I’m going to muse about dual specs in a coming post. In short, I think that I may want to cut my character list to 12. But at the same time… I enjoy the animations and so – playing my class-doubles with another specs.

    Drop Day post is a good idea as well 🙂

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  2. It will be a process tending to all of my Alts. I don’t have near the range that you do but I do have a-plenty. I’m starting to call it “crossing over” to bring an Alt to Legion and to Artifact them up.


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