Legion Day One: The Exhaustive List

“The words of a good man can bring tears to a woman’s eyes.”
Sarah Addison Allen

Legion Day One: The Exhaustive List

  1. Zing! Legion begins.
  2. Update Addons to make sure.
  3. Encourage guild to get Gatherer so we can collectively find the three secondary profession nodes (mining, herbing and archeology).
  4. Move my four profession Alts to Dalaran.
    • Visit all five trainers to get the 800 cap.
    • Take all quests offered (likely only the Artifact quest).
    • Turn on my XP bar again via Bartender (there should be two, xp and artifact xp).
  5. Move my Hunter to Dalaran.
    • Visit all five trainers to get the 800 cap.
    • Visit the Pet Vendor and buy the toy and all of the pets with stocked-up Pet Charms. (Should I try to sell the three cagable? I have well over 3000 Charms).
    • Accept all quests. Do the Artifact, go to the Class Hall.
  6. Move my Druid to Dalaran
    • Visit all five trainers to get the 800 cap.
    • Accept all quests. Do the Artifact, go to the Class Hall.
  7. Begin questing on my Druid.
    • At 102, do the other three Artifact quests.

  1. With the 800 cap, each Profession Alt (and Mains) will blow through saved Draenor mats to get profession points, clear reagent tab and vendor for gold. This will be tedious.
    • After pushing profession points, circle Dalaran to see if they triggered profession quests.
    • Any Profession Alt or Main with gathering “might” return to the garrison for the easy mining and herbing profession points until it turns gray.
  2. Let my Main send Legion herbs to my Alchemist first in anticipation of that profession being leveled.
  3. Relax and enjoy the game, explore, quest and have fun.
    • This includes leveling for a while as Feral, Moonkin, Guardian and Resto. Learn the specs and discover the depth and Affinities. Honor the “13 trait” rule.
    • Only run dungeons when a quest sends you there.

  1. Find a macro to tie Mend Pet with the Dire Beast spell so I have Mend Pet up 100%.
  2. Run with my tenacity Quillan so I have the Shell and can brez Hati.
  3. My MD macro:
    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [@focus, help] [@pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection
  4. Mend Pet heals both pets, MD is cast on your main pet, not Hati.

  1. Ding 110 on my Druid. Look and choose World Quests.
  2. Repeat on my Hunter. Look and choose World Quests. Finish questing in all of the zones.
  3. Explore Suramar and see what is what is what.
  4. Look at the calendar, raids begin three weeks after the launch.
  5. Try to get at least one Profession Alt to 101 for the lucrative World Quests before raiding.
  6. Begin fishing when football season starts (Sept 7th?).
  7. Begin folding in Toys, hunter pets to tame (Iron Juggarnaught) and the other mini-games.

It is an exhaustive list. It may take longer than Day One!

One thought on “Legion Day One: The Exhaustive List

  1. That is a very thorough list, for sure! I am feeling a little bit exhausted just reading it! 😛

    My plans for Tuesday are much simpler: Wear my Dalaran University shirt to school. Be distracted at school all day long because I’d rather be at home playing WoW. Hearth all my alts back to Frostwall from Orgrimmar and let them hang out there until I’m ready to begin doing Legion stuff with them (actually, I should probably do that on Monday night — after making sure that I’ve spent their Nethershards appropriately). Quest with Kamalia for a few hours in the evening, but don’t stay up too late because I still have to get up for 8:30 am class on Wednesday…

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