Dual Spec in Legion

“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.”
Albert Einstein

Dual Spec in Legion

The information comes out of Ask Mr Robot in this article: A Guide to Identifying the Best Artifact Path.

Over a 28 week arc (seven months!), there is a chart that shows or proves that you can dual spec without harming the path of your main spec. This is astonishing.

On week three (when we start raiding) you could have 20 artifacts traits on your main or … 20 artifact traits on your main and 14 on your off-spec. At week 16 (four months-ish) they match up for a while.

This is astonishing and changes everything.

This suggests that the best path is the dual-spec path, especially for the first six months of Legion. That first six months might dictate our play-style and brand our Legion experience.

Imagine that you are a hunter with Beast Mastery and Marksman. You quest as BM and raid as MM which is totally viable according to AMR. Imagine further that instead of changing talents, your specs are set up for single target vs AoE.

Imagine being a Druid. You love your kitty, you named it Brad. But to raid, you love to heal or tank — totally viable. Any dual spec combination can work. Go ahead set up a fire mage raider and a frost mage pvp. We are not being punished, our solid choices are expanded.

I have so much to learn but that proof is at AMR. I can’t tell you “do this with your traits”, at least not yet, but with this support we can realistically imagine a dual-spec experience in Legion.

A good day in Azeroth!

5 thoughts on “Dual Spec in Legion

  1. Does this mean that I must keep up with both specs and apply AP in turns? For example, once I put in one level into tank spec, my next step is putting one level into DPS spec, and so on?


  2. I don’t know exactly how it works. The chart shows at week three with either 20 traits in your main or 20 traits in your main AND 14 in your off. It shows that by week seven that both artifacts are even.
    The article says that the difference between having a fully specced single artifact and two fully specced in “time spent” is less that one day!
    Where to put when seems to be the question to me.


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