Legion Dual Spec: Leftovers

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
Charles Dickens

Legion Dual Spec: Leftovers

I’ve been going over this article again today. I also went over to Wowhead and my anti-virus software freaked out, disinfected and ran scans. Egads, Wowhead.

The astonishing premise is that you can pay attention to your off-spec artifact and give it good trait progression without hindering your main-spec at all.

This goes counter to almost all of the news, blogs and information sites who all say to invest solely in your main. The article is at Ask Mr Robot. I’d think everyone in the world would be interested in getting this news out before Legion begins.

AMR even made a chart, which I will try to embed here on this blog (c’mon wordpress!).

How can it be possible? The deal is two-fold. One, each trait costs more and more (the final trait costs over one million points) so you can easily have smaller “leftovers” which are very meaningful to your lagging off-spec. Two, you are gaining in Artifact Knowledge, which acts as a multiplier, so that off-spec traits get a boost (which you did not have on the first pass with your main).

The chart by AMR shows on the left if you poured all of your points into your Main. On the right, if you also pointed up an off-spec and you can see that your Main is not negatively impacted.

Imagine that you are a dungeon healer and you quest as a melee. All of your top-end stuff is on your healer. Yet, when you swap to your melee, you have all the gear that you have earned and a darned good off-spec artifact (about 80% compared to your main).

I have yet to play Legion, of course. But, I’ll certainly be learning how to use my “leftovers” to invest in my off-spec. Dual specced in Legion over the first three months to six months will be fantastic.

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