Main-Lining Legion

“Everyone spends their lives trying to balance their world between good and evil.”
Laurell K. Hamilton

Main-Lining Legion

Location: Blizzard HQ
War Council: Generals, Admirals and Chris Metzen
Topic: Stopping an Alt Army
Tactic: Cut off the supply lines.

I’ve only played a few hours of Legion. It was clear very early that I’d have to abandon my exhaustive plan for my Alt Army, Dalaran is tight and stingy.

So, I gave up and played my Druid for a few hours! No complaints from me, I’m enjoying myself muddling about and mostly lost. Again, I’m enjoying myself.

  • Handynotes (Legion Treasures) and Gatherer were turned off, I noticed this about an hour into leveling. Ouch. After preaching to my guild, I failed for an hour!
  • My guild wants to chat. A bunch of people are back and asking questions about the wardrobe.
  • My friends want to whisper. I love them.
  • The scenery looks great and the flight paths take a (very) long time. This is to forever admire the artwork.
  • I don’t know where the secondary profession trainers are or the mechanic to start that stuff. Fine by me, I’ll stumble upon it soon enough.
  • So far, Resto in Balance Affinity works just fine!
  • Water Strider mounts for the win, I see now why there was an uproar.
  • Honestly, I have my new Artifact and have done about ten quests. So much to do, I’m in Elune’s heaven!
  • I have a retro-egg timer that sits on my desk. Every hour it dings and I get up and walk around. Every two hours, I’m out on my balcony.

No answers yet. The first step of a journey. Let’s (finally) go play some World of Warcraft.

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