Legion: Day Two

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

Legion: Day Two

It would appear that everything is working as intended. Except Gatherer. I see my guildies dinging 110 right and left and I’m still at 101. I should ding 103 today as I’m going to party up with a friend and do a zone together.

I brought my Pro-Alts over to (new) Dalaran. At arrival you can get your primary professions capped at 800, often with some minor quest. At 101, the secondaries begin to open. I have yet to see Nomi. Until I get a recipe, there is nothing to aim for.

All my characters are up to 715 on their professions thanks to old mats. First Aid is up around 730-ish. It’s all about the mats.

When I wrote about “cut off their supply line” yesterday, I was serious. The more I play, the more I see it. I have hopes for “hot spots” on ore nodes and herbing nodes but I have not seen a pattern yet.

We know that after 110 that our Artifact progression will leap up and run like a bunny. We know that gear will upgrade nicely in heroic dungeons and raids. Mythic dungeons will be helpful too.

It is only Day Two.

I’m enjoying the run. Sure, the game “begins” at 110 but we have soooo much time to get there.

The thing to remember is even if you are riding the cutting edge, the power will be evened out with catch-up mechanics. All gear gets replaced at some point.

And you know something? I have yet to die for the first time in Legion.

Happy hunting and may all your hits … be crits.

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