Stick With A Main

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Stick With A Main (for now).

I have both my hunter and druid at 106. Good times, I’m feeling brave and strong enough to do the tasks. However, I’ve decided to stick with my Druid until 110 and begin the “next step” (it is not end game, folks) of gaining artifact knowledge and exploring Suramar.

And here is why.

I was doing a lot of stuff and bouncing back and forth between my characters. Sometimes fishing, sometimes questing, sometimes gathering; it has been a treat. I got the quest or offer to run a second spec on my Druid. I took the quest but hesitated because I don’t have an Agility weapon! I need to solve that before I go onto the quest.

Hours pass, maybe a day. I’m running along and see a quest. What is this? It is a flight to a new area? I decide to take it. It says “use your feral form to follow the tracks”. I do this and that and the quest line is a bitch. I die once. I get back to it, determined to be successful. I kept at it and won the day.

I had run the Feral Artifact quest as a Resto-Druid using Balance Affinity.

Egads, I felt like a dope. I didn’t even know I was on the Next Spec quest line!

Lesson learned. There is too much new stuff going on and I got lost. I’m sticking with my Druid until 110. My hunter might mine or fish for game-play relief but that is it!

Keep the peace of Elune, heroes!

One thought on “Stick With A Main

  1. Yeah, in order hall it will change your spec automatically once you accept the second and third artifact quest. Nevermind, you can change your spec back to your main spec at once and acquire all the weapons in it.


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