Balance the Scales

“Nobody gets justice. People only get good luck or bad luck.”
Orson Welles

Balance the Scales

Gnomecore gets us started today with Leveling in Legion: a Hell or a Bliss?. As ever, go read his stuff.

In a recent interview with the developers (PAX?) they talked about how hard it was not to add their new scaling technology to everything. Kind of chilling, isn’t it? It smacks as a sort of Trend Tech.

Legion is not yet a week old. I’ve leveled, mined, herbed, fished, dungeoned and explored; just like everyone else. Like Gnomecore says, gear doesn’t matter if things are scaled. I know the zone scales to your characters level but I don’t feel Bad Ass as I get new gear; it feels the same. Always the same.

I’ve dabbled in professions. Candidly, it looks and feels tedious. I don’t see why I’d want to go to the effort to make gear with it’s long haul and many loops to jump through. I’ll wait until the 20th when World Bosses drop raid level gear. A twenty minute solution, don’t you think?

Maybe, with professions, if I saw something that I really wanted.

I do want health and mana pots. I can make those right now.

Finally, at 106, I am a tiny sliver away from Honored with the Dreamweavers. Waiting until 110 is not good design as the shoulder enchant which makes gathering better should be enjoyed while leveling, dammit. (Between you and me, I found the last quest for rep this morning; it is found in High Mountain! A total fake out. I’ll have to try it, Aviana wants to drop me off a cliff and die for bubbles.)

The Rule of Thumb for professions has always been to “go back to the beginning”. We’d wait until we were 60 and could fly and then land in low level zones to gather and gather and gather. Maybe waiting until 110 will make me feel different; right now it is not very rewarding or interesting.

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