“What fresh Hell is this?”
Dorothy Parker


I’ve prepared for hitting 110 but nothing prepared me for the barrage of quests and cutscenes. It was late, as usual, and I had to simply log out and sort it through in the morning.

This morning I slogged, dragged, griped and whimpered through the Nightfall get-to-friendly rep grind. Sure, they gave most of it to me but doing puzzles and killing mobs over and over was enough to make my coffee stale.

I did TWO World Quests! There will be a lot to experience and really I need to understand the priority; artifact power? I don’t feel one drop of sorriness for skipping the pet battle quests!

I tried my Flight Point bird whistle in the Dreamgrove thinking I’d save a few steps but ended up in High Mountain! Can I trust this thing?

One priority is Artifact Knowledge. I returned to my mission scouting map over and over, waiting for it to re-set or give me the mission. Silly me, it is way (way) over there! I know I need to have that quest a-percolating at all times. NB: should I be saving my little Artifact Power tokens for when the AK quest completes?

My look-to-the-internet task is to find out what my Class Hall campaign and my Druid Campaign really are; I hope not endless. These are the things that make me feel too spread out and worry that I’m not following the “important” stuff.

So: I am very happy to say that I quested to level 110 in Resto-Druid spec with the Balance Affinity. I can be done!

Oh look, my “trail blazer” hunter is sitting at 104.

Fun game but sometimes a little too complicated with too many systems cooking at once.


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