A post on the World of Warcraft


“What fresh Hell is this?”
Dorothy Parker


I’ve prepared for hitting 110 but nothing prepared me for the barrage of quests and cutscenes. It was late, as usual, and I had to simply log out and sort it through in the morning.

This morning I slogged, dragged, griped and whimpered through the Nightfall get-to-friendly rep grind. Sure, they gave most of it to me but doing puzzles and killing mobs over and over was enough to make my coffee stale.

I did TWO World Quests! There will be a lot to experience and really I need to understand the priority; artifact power? I don’t feel one drop of sorriness for skipping the pet battle quests!

I tried my Flight Point bird whistle in the Dreamgrove thinking I’d save a few steps but ended up in High Mountain! Can I trust this thing?

One priority is Artifact Knowledge. I returned to my mission scouting map over and over, waiting for it to re-set or give me the mission. Silly me, it is way (way) over there! I know I need to have that quest a-percolating at all times. NB: should I be saving my little Artifact Power tokens for when the AK quest completes?

My look-to-the-internet task is to find out what my Class Hall campaign and my Druid Campaign really are; I hope not endless. These are the things that make me feel too spread out and worry that I’m not following the “important” stuff.

So: I am very happy to say that I quested to level 110 in Resto-Druid spec with the Balance Affinity. I can be done!

Oh look, my “trail blazer” hunter is sitting at 104.

Fun game but sometimes a little too complicated with too many systems cooking at once.


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