World Quest Dailies

“Better be left by twenty dears
Than lie in a love-less bed;
Better a loaf that’s wet with tears,
Than cold, unsalted bread.”

Dorothy Parker

World Quest Dailies

I was bummed when I realized that the “world quests” would be zone quests. My imagination had me roaming to Northrend and Darkshore and Ungoro Crater. But, now that they are here: let us call them what they are — dailies.

Instead of cooking and rep dailies that we’ve been used to, these have a ton of variety and a decent range of rewards. But, they are dailies. You will log in and scan the list and pick and choose which you want to do.

I’ve only done one day. There is a “four in a zone” bonus with a cache in three different zones; I think these will reset every day. I am glad that they are on the level of a typical quest; they are not special or super hard.

The Flight Master Bird Whistle is perfect for the end of each daily. This small thing makes the entire design fit neatly as a puzzle. I only need hands and pants now to be 800+, the rest I filled in by watching the map. I’ve yet to see a trinket or ring.

I wonder if the rewards will scale to my ilevel. That would be a pretty amazing facet to these dailies as gear is a non-stop adventure. I believe the gateway to Heroic Dungeons is 810 and for Raiding it is 840. I’m sure that I’ll get there.

They are dailies. They reset at 9am in my time zone. Some are three day quests, some are up for a handful of hours. It’s all good!

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